Rae Yuping Hsu


This website navigates like a virus weaving through the membrane of different bodies and categories—life and non-life, existence and citizenship, text and meaning—and in the weaving, erupts new forms of being. The human body is decoded through the seduction of plural perspectives, probing possibilities to think of the virus beyond the metaphor of invasion, and towards the invitation.

Artist from Taipei, her practice is materially-informed and research-based, engaging a range of materials from glass to bacteria, to advance research in bioart and endosymbiotic aesthetics. The process of fermentation stands in as a muse for the body, in its abjectness and with its symbiotic affordances, to create a space where empathic gut feelings can emerge, with many entangled forms of collaboration and contamination. Working with the MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative, recent works speculate on microbial ethics within interplanetary travel, reconstructed against narratives of space colonization.

Her works have been shown in Taipei Art Awards, Kaoshiung Art Awards, NTMOFA Art awards, Dubai BAIT15, Taipei Digital Art festival, Medialab Prado, Sakiya Ramallah, Rhode Island convention center, ARTTaipei, Taipei Yiri Art Gallery, Waley Arts Gallery. Residencies include SymbioticA, hangar.org, MedialabPrado, _V2 institute for the unstable media.