Po-hao Chi


"Song of Distances" is a participatory and algorithmic composition based on ubiquitous computing. It praises the concept of compressed time/space and connectivity. Each login session represented as a node in the topographic coordinate by granting access to GPS data by the user. The system continuously calculates the session period and relative distances between the center and each node to generate m. At the same time, the orientation affects the spatiality of the sound, transforming the positioning data into audible events. Each networked entity that contributes data to the system is the center point of its coordinate, and a detective node on other devices. The user is capable of closing the webpage or keeping it open while moving; all of the behavior and decisions reflect on the parameters of the generative music. Thus, this piece gradually evolves with crowd participation as a collective experience on the Internet.

From Taipei, Taiwan, Chi Po-hao, is a current student in the Art, Culture and Technology program at MIT, and the director of ZONESOUND CREATIVE studio. He holds a Master of Music Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a B.A. in Economics from National Taiwan University. His practice stems from the fascination of boundaries and guidelines, usually implemented by designing methods to associate relevance from observing the diversities. His recent research is about the agencies of networked entities and how human and non-human co-constituted each other on the Web.

He was granted residencies at V2_Institute of Unstable Media(Rotterdam, 2014), Cité Internationale des Arts(Paris, 2015), Asia Art Archive(Hong Kong, 2016), Laboral Centro de Arte(Gijon, 2016), FACT(Liverpool, 2018), National Theater and Concert Hall(Taipei, 2019) and has presented works in many significant events, conferences and venues.