Emma (Yimeng) Zhu

a pilgrimage to the bed

A Pilgrimage to the Bed is a video inquiry searching for different modes of orientation and perception of space, while blurring the boundary between physical and virtual space.

Starting with an aerial view in Google Earth, the way of perceiving and navigating through space shifts constantly among human view, non-human view, machinic view, modeling view and analytic view. The only element that remains unchanged is the motion of panning. The panning renders the very familiar space into unfamiliar, unfolding the multiplicity and complexity of the space through very linear movements. Zooming, crushing and transforming, one linear space traverses through and turns into another one. With the understanding of the multiplicity of space and time, we might find ourselves disoriented, but only now have we retrieved the ability to orient once again.

Emma (Yimeng) Zhu is currently a first year ACT student, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Cornell University.

Emma sees architectural space as an elastic boundary that mediates between the human body and the environment. In her undergraduate thesis, titled “Boundary in Motion”, she focused on exploring the effects that elastic materials have on humans’ internal senses and perception of space. Recently, she has been looking at ways to reveal the multiplicity and complexity of singular space through disorientation of human perception