Chucho Ocampo

expect people to Be exhausted

Castillo is an artistic research exercise that superimposes information between systems that have no apparent or physical manifestation of interdependence but are capable of connecting despite borders. The research revolves around the movement of human and more than human bodies and their relations with ephemeral structures and displays of communication as well as how ideas travel and relate to them. By disobeying the linear quality of time and history, taking what has been told and subverting it, the research exercise explores and superimposes a thread of traveling ideas that deal with displacement and overlapping of symbols, ideologies, cultural practices and language.

The research exercise is an attempt to understand if there is a way to trace a line that makes sense of the relation between migratory human and non human routes, architectural infrastructure, religious beliefs, war tactics, seven and fourteen segment displays, indigenous thought, fire, alchemy, magic and gunpowder. How to make this tracing and how to tell that story? How many more layers can this line bear?

This line represents ideas travelling through spaces and cultures; affecting human and more than human bodies, changing landscapes and subverting cultures for ever.

This insistence on ideas relates directly to borders and how ideas keep on traveling despite our constant intention so keep them quiet, keep them down. If a border is an idea, can an idea a border too? A border, in this sense, is not fixed; a border is shared. A border is a construction as well as a physical space. Ideas are borders that travel and change through time.

Chucho (Jesús) Ocampo Aguilar (Mexico City, 1991) is an architect and artist. Working in the intersection of art, architecture and technology.

Chucho is currently a Partner in dérive LAB, an art, architecture and urbanism firm, where he works as Creative Director, particularly with projects related to housing, urban design, public space interventions and cultural management. Chucho is co-founder of BEMA, a cultural center in the heart of Querétaro, México; dedicated to Art, Architecture and the City.

Chucho’s artistic practice uses psychogeography, architecture, landscape and public space as a tool to shine a light on the beauty and complexities of everyday life. He is currently a first year SMACT candidate of the Art Culture and Technology program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.