Aarti Sunder

We Owe Each Other Everything

We Owe Each Other Everything is interested in the question of labour in Dubai and is set around conversations I had with Uber/Lyft drivers, aquarium attendants, restaurant workers and IT professionals in Dubai. The film relies on the metaphor of the fish and the aquarium as a means to bridge the gap between human and animal fatigue.

The film begins with a tamil word amaithi which means to be calm, peaceful and/or silent. It is what pushes us to work harder, better, faster. It also helps us cope with the obsession to be functional. Be functional is the response of a system straining to work amicably over and over again, while the excessive noise of fatigue, anxiety and neurosis is laid to rest until its next uncontainable outburst in the form of protest, collapse, a tear or fatality depending on the capacity to keep adjusting. This work is an attempt to craft a counter-viewpoint, using the very material of the excess: Exhaustion and fatigue that ensures repetitive inertia, where the fatigued already seem artificial.

Aarti Sunder is interested in ideas that create the subject: the infrastructure of technology, economy, and experience; how we relate to these ideas and how they make us. She recently shared her ideas around artist congregation and the need for renewed solidarities at the Bangkok Biennale 2019 and at Tate’s Imagined Biennales conference. She was a fellow at AshkalAlwan’s Home Workspace Program in 2016/17 and at Art Dubai in 2017/18. She is the recipient of several fellowships including SARAI City as Studio fellowship for Contemporary Art, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation- ISCP Residency Scholarship and the Dutch ArtEZ two-year education scholarship. She most recently was a resident artist at Alserkal and has been working with Sommerakademie Paul Klee as a resident for the years 2019-2021.